Edward McFarland – Final PDR

Check and Slogan


Secret Stats will be brought into the sports market for journalist as well as collegiate and professional teams. Secret Stats is designed to create the most recent statistical data for individual players and teams as a whole. Though teams and the national leagues already do that, as a journalist sometimes the simplest stats are the hardest to find.

Therefore, Secret Stats will provide anyone who is a member with the stats they need to write a great story or produce a great show. The reason a reporter and/or a writer would want those stats is to make their story more appealing to the reader or viewer.

A journalist could easily look these questions up or crunch the numbers themselves, but when you consider a journalist who is writing with a deadline they have to meet, they don’t have time to thoroughly look up stats. Therefore, creating a company that has the ability to provide those stats within a minute would be a great contribution in the field of sports journalism.

An example of the questions would be:

  1. How many 60 point games did Kobe have?
  2. What was Kobe’s field goal percentage in his 60plus point games?
  3. How much Michael Gbinije (SU Player) is averaging during March Madness?
  4. How many points have Stephen Curry averaged against the Bulls?

Link to Final PDR: Secret Stats