Expressions Website-Jakubowski

I have only been exposed to web page editing a few times, so this was relatively new to me.  I would still like to update and edit this page in the future, as I believe it is a vital tool for college grads to utilize.  I learned that more is less sometimes, as a I wanted a whole variety of tabs and pages, but I realized I would not have enough content to fill every single page, plus the website might seem overwhelming to those who were visiting it for the first time.  One thing I was having trouble with was implementing both the calendar and contract form plugins.  It took some time to figure out how to install and then embed those apps, but both are up and running and provide a great access tool to my site visitors.  The theme I am using is a basic color scheme, but one that also lets my utilize my logo at the top of my page and also as a background scheme.  While this site still needs more content and more organizing/designing, I am happy with the first initial steps I made towards creating my professional website.