Expressions Website

Designing my website this time was a completely difference experience from previous times.

Before this assignment, my websites had been very basic and aesthetically unattractive. I tried using Wix and that failed miserably. I also already have a WordPress account, but I was limited in how much I could actually alter it.

This time around I was actually able to make a website that didn’t look like a stock option provided by WordPress. Also, I was able to manipulate certain features to add “professional” touches to it. I added a contact plug-in that is simple and easily accessible. Plus, the pages that direct viewers to my Youtube page and Mixlr account look clean and simple.

The biggest difference was actually using HTML code to alter my website. I practiced altering the code that made the web page. Granted, the changes I made were minimal. While I would not say that I am fluent in HTML now, I would say that I have a very basic understanding of how it works and how to use it. Simple code like <a href=” “>insert words</a> now is embedded in my website. An example of this is in my social media section.

This being said, altering the HTML code was also the most difficult part of the process. I tried multiple times changing the color of my website, but I was unsuccessful. I couldn’t change the redish pink color that plagues my website. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t change more than the header.


To check out my website click on this link