Field Test – Elena DeLuccia

I had an interesting time with my field test! I originally planned to go to Ithaca’s gorges and get a one-minute 360-degree video at each, but with the very, very limited time I’ve had with finals, projects, my job, etc. it just didn’t work out. So, instead I decided to take the Nikon KeyMission 360 to New York City with me on my apartment search and make a quick stop at my favorite place: Lincoln Center. I wanted to go on top of the awesome grass field that rests above one of the buildings because that’s absolutely the best place, but it wasn’t open for the season just yet so I stayed in the main plaza.

In New York City, there are no tripods allowed without a permit. I tried to swing it but got caught by the cop that roams the premises – and I have the 360 video to prove it. I quickly decided to leave the camera resting on the fountain (under careful watch) in order to get a shot of the entire plaza. I know that height is a huge consideration when doing 360 video, so it’s unfortunate that I had to leave the camera at a child’s height, although I still think it gives you a cool look at the plaza.

I had a little trouble getting the camera to agree with me and record, but after a few tries I finally got it to work. I have two full takes that worked really well, but I just uploaded the first one since the plaza looks a little better.

When I got back home, I uploaded the video into Nikon’s KeyMission Edit Application that I downloaded for free on my Macbook. I actually edited the sequence down on there and since it had a function for saving the video in the correct format for YouTube, I uploaded right after. I decided not to add any background music because I wanted the audience to hear the natural sounds in the city to feel like they’re there, on 65th, sitting on the fountain with people surrounding them.