Field Test – Jason Mussman

The Issue:

How can people experience the daily life of others in a complete environment like they are actually that person.


Giroptic 360cam.  $499

“Three eyes and three ears to capture everything around you and make your 360 degree photos and videos as immersive as reality itself: Up. Down. All-Around.

The 360cam is a beautiful, yet highly technical, device that is busting open creative and recording possibilities for a wide variety of usages.”


The Hypothesis:

If I take the 360 cam with me for a day and photograph everywhere and everything I do for that day it will allow others to experience my life.  Viewers will get to have a 360° view of my surroundings and actually feel like they are in my shoes.



All the people I showed the video to said they felt like they were me or with me.  The hypothesis was proven and as you can see for yourself using the power of 360° video users can experience life from other peoples perspectives.