Field Test – Rickert


I wanted to know what the user experience would be when watching 360° videos at different angles in Google Cardboard. I decided to record static 360 videos at four different heights and then record moving 360 videos at two different heights. I then watched the videos in a Google Cardboard set and recorded my experience watching each video.



Giroptic 360cam ($499.00)

Monopod ($39.00)



I will feel most like I am in the space/in the video when the recording is shot at adult eye level.



Side note: When this camera records, it captures the sky (records above), but there is an empty space below where it cant capture. This is actually convenient because the recording won’t show the person or tripod that is holding the camera as long as it is placed directly below the camera. Unfortunately, I only had a monopod, not a tripod, so I am holding the camera on a monopod and trying to stay directly below the camera to stay out of the shot. It would have been much easier with a tripod.

Static Ground: This video actually turned out better than I expected. I thought there would be interference from the surface the camera was placed on, but there wasn’t. Though I didn’t feel like I was necessarily in the video, I think this angle would make for some really cool b-roll if anyone ever made a full-length video or film.

Static Child Eye Level: This video was taken from about 2-3 feet off the ground. I thought this video produced the most normal standing perspective. As a 5’4” girl, the car looked to be a normal height to me, and the man walking by looked a little tall, but that is normal for girls to be shorter than men.

Static Adult Eye Level: This video was shot from directly above my head, so approximately 5’7” off the ground. When I first watched this video I thought I had accidentally clicked the high shot and was watching that because I felt like I was at a bit of a bird’s eye view in this camera. This was not what I expected.

Static High: This angle was the worst for me. I actually started to feel dizzy when watching this video at this height. People walking by looked way too small and distorted. I don’t recommend using this perspective.

Moving High: Similarly to the static high shot, this video felt too out of perspective, too high, and I began to feel dizzy and sick within 10 seconds of watching the video.

Moving Adult Eye Level: Any movement in general while watching a 360 video when wearing a virtual reality head set is a little unsettling. I felt dizzy again when watching this video, but much less so than when watching the high perspective. This height made more sense to be moving with and it felt as if I was actually walking on the sidewalk myself.


Final Thoughts

My hypothesis was wrong; I expected the adult eye level shot to produce the best standing-in-the-video perspective, but in reality the child eye level shot did that for me.

I loved using the Giroptic 360cam. It is small, light and easily portable. It produced quality content and I didn’t have to do any stitching manually. I didn’t record any video especially close to objects, but still there was no ghosting. My favorite part was using the connected 360cam app on my phone with the camera. I was able to see what the camera was recording in real time on my phone screen and it was especially cool being able to press record from my phone. I used this for the on-the-ground angle so that I wasn’t next to the camera when it started recording. Lastly, it was really nice being able to simply connect the camera to my app through WiFi to instantly watch the video that I just recorded to know if it was good enough or if I needed to re-shoot. Overall, I really enjoyed using this camera and would even think about buying one when the price (hopefully) drops in a few months/years.

Thanks for this semester! I really enjoyed getting to learn about the different storytelling technologies that exist.

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