Executive Overview:   FINAL PROJECT: Final Project_Blum

Jack is a writer for Sports Illustrated. He’s the best of the best. He covers every big game, talks to every source, breaks every piece of big news in the college basketball world. You would never know that he wasn’t an organized person. Everywhere Jack goes, he needs to keep his receipts for reimbursement. His travel, taxis, food, hotels, and every penny of miscellaneous funds. It’s all on his dime until he can expense it. But the last thing that’s on Jack’s mind is holding onto every receipt. He’ll stuff them in his wallet and bring in the faded version to the office months later. By then, most of them are lost, and so too his the money that he’d hope to recoup.

In reality, Jack is just a representation of the person that needs Neat Receipt. He might not exist in reality, but there are hundreds of Jacks across the journalism profession. Heck, there are thousands of Jacks across every traveling profession. To state it plainly, the problem is a lack of an organized method for keeping track of receipts for company expense reports. The solution is neat receipt.

Neat receipt is a product that scans all of your receipts and compiles a complete expense report. It also keeps all receipts on file and organizes them into different categories of your choosing. So many times, business professionals, journalists, or traveling company men/women have to collect and keep track of every receipt they have to file expense reports. Now, there’s an easy way to do it. And in addition, these receipts can be immediately sent over to the employer or whoever deals with reimbursement. Instead of needing to be organized, Neat Receipt is organized for you, and involves minimal work. The app would cost two dollars, and additional trips would involve paying an additional price (i.e. 3 cents for every dollar thats reimbursed).

Traveling professionals are the target audience. It should hit both males and females of all ages and hopefully a lively but neutral design/layout will help establish that target audience. In any advertising ventures, appealing to people’s lack of organization would establish a more tight target as well.


Final Project_Blum