Final Project: Jenkins

The city of Syracuse, NY is becoming an increasingly popular place for post-graduate students and young adults to settle as their first home. The “Downtown” area of Syracuse, ZipCode 13202, has a current population that is 52.8% Young adults, and more places like Syracuse’s Tech Garden and other start-ups are starting to rise up around the area.

The area of intense interest is Hanover Square, nestled between Erie Blvd East and East Genesee Street. People that live in the area have come to call it the “Locals’ Armory Square,” and it has become just that.

Jennifer Walls, Co-owner of Sweet Praxis, says the neighborhood feels different than Armory, “It’s a little more grown-up and intimate. It feels a little more European to me, a little more old world.”

Hanover Square has had a variety of new businesses, particularly in the food industry. Sweet Praxis opened in November of 2016, with The Evergreen opening almost exactly one year before that, in November of 2015. Other new businesses are shown on the map below.

Hanover Square’s low-visibility is a blessing and a curse. Hanover’s residents fear that if more students come to the area, underage drinking will increase, as it has in Armory Square. Syracuse University’s DPS’ 2016 Annual Safety Report cites 2020 incidents of underage drinking by SU students in 2015, and this number is only those “caught” and reprimanded by campus security.

DPS Liquor Violations


The area is still in development, with the state tower building planning to bring in new businesses and living space to the area. You can view the future plans for Syracuse Economic Development here.