Final project proposal Tony Yao

The story I would like to tell is going to be car crashes in Syracuse area. Since there is no underground transportation system in Syracuse, driving is one of the major ways of going to other places especially in this area. However, from the previous cell-phone related car crashes assignment, I realize that there may be other factors could also cause car crashes. What I would like to do is to figure out other factors which might cause car crashes such as time or area and get to a complete car accident report of Syracuse.

The data I would use would come from car crashes data from and other open source government databases. Also, I would like to ask local DMV office to see whether there are more recent car crash data available. Lastly, if it is possible, I might try to interview car accident victims to give a more lively story.

The tools I would use would be 1. CartoDB or google map to create a car accident map. 2. A timer in infogr.ams to create a timer indicating car crashes occur in every minute. 3. A high chart to show a relationship between each factor. 4. A sortable table with updated car accident data.

I haven’t found all the geographic data in car crashes and I still have no clue if there are relationships between each cause. Also, I might not get enough updated data from all these sources.

A backup plan will be a fun way to introduce all the factors causing car crashes without geographic data and actual interview. I have already got enough data for the backup plan so that if I can’t find everything I need I can still have a story.