Gear 360 Product Research

What is it?

The Samsung Gear 360 is a small and portable camera that captures 360-degree images in relatively high quality. The camera can take still photos, video, time lapse photo, and looped video. Samsung is one of a few companies that has taken the lead on producing 360-degree cameras. The following information was compiled during multiple user tests. The camera was first given to people with no instructions on how to use it. This was to test how user-friendly the interface was. I wanted to see how people who wouldn’t ever read an instruction manual would fare going in blind. After a few minutes of them using it, I would answer questions on how to use it and what were specific features.


How did it work?


The Gear 360 has a very small display screen. For this reason, the camera needed to be easy to navigate. Samsung delivered fairly intuitive user design that anyone can understand after 10 minutes of playing around with it. The three buttons are just enough to be able to navigate the few features that the Gear 360 offers.


It is easy to choose the desired camera mode by clicking on the menu and back/power button. Also, the camera produces high resolution still images and video. It comes with a small tripod that can be used as a stabilizer or a traditional stand. The editing software that Samsung provides is easy to use even if someone doesn’t have much experience with editing film. It exported surprisingly quick as well.



The biggest issue is that the camera is not compatible with iPhones or Macs. Only users who also own a Samsung phone are able to view their footage immediately after shooting it. Furthermore, only people who own PCs are able to download the editing software.


While it may be easy to toggle between the different modes, understanding how to properly shoot with the camera is difficult. Users had a difficult time filming without ending up in half of the shot. When people tested it out they found it awkward to hold the camera away from one’s body in order to capture all the surroundings.


What’s Next for the Gear 360?

Samsung should release software that allows users with iPhones and Macs to view and edit the film. This will make the camera much more appealing to consumers. It limits the target audience when they should open it to as many people as possible.   

Pixar Story

Once upon a time, there was an adventurous mountain climber. He loved to take photos of his surroundings when he reached the peak. Every time he reached the top he would take photos facing four different directions and then stitch them together to create a quasi 360-degree view from the top. One day he heard of a product that could take 360 still photos as well as video. He took the camera on the next climb he went on. When he reached the top he took the photo. However, he didn’t own a computer or phone that was compatible with the camera’s software. He searched everywhere for a camera that was universally compatible with all types of phones and computers. Finally, he found the Samsung Gear 360 V2.0 that worked on all devices regardless of the make. Now he is able to take stunning photos and videos from the top of the highest mountains in the world.