Independent Learning Opportunity – PHDigital

I did my independent learning by going through the learning modules on the PHDigital website. PHDigital is a website to help PhD students and recent graduates learn more about incorporating digital media into their curriculum. I think this is a perfect fit for me at this time taking this Digital Media 3-Pack because I am learning the technology and getting the skills but the PHDigital is now helping me to understand this from a pedagogical standpoint.

It has been 10 years since I last created a curriculum for a journalism department and that was for multimedia storytelling and production which the department had not previously had. Since then technology has undoubtedly changed and as I entered and worked in my own PhD program, I couldn’t help but think that I was getting farther and farther from the new technology with every new theory and method I learned. It is refreshing to know there are like minded academics who see the value in learning this, teaching this and even researching this in order to build better and stronger curricula for students so that those students will be properly prepared to enter this changing work world of journalism.

This learning module takes you through the digital products and platforms to future jobs that can be created to how the professors at Texas State University are working to create a new curriculum in their own department.

Although this was not a hands on technical learning module, it was the perfect fit for my degree program so that I could understand, as a future professor, what to do with the skills I have been getting this semester.

Digital Platforms & Product Management