Jakubowski-Assingment 1- 3D model

Learning and playing around with Tinkercad was something i really have not done in a long time, in terms of “lab/designer skills” to produce something.  I quickly found myself trying out different aspects of Tinkercad, trying to make the best model possible with my image.

The image i produced was a play on the Olympic theme.  Three platforms, with my image over he middle platform.  i was able to use the ruler tool to place the image on the middle of the rectangular box.  The Olympic rings above i generated by using the shape tool and could make replicas for symmetrical purposes.

Overall, the future of 3D printing seems bright, especially in the age of social media.  With tools and apps such as Tinkercad and Sketchfab, users can quickly generate 3D images and then quickly post to social media feeds in no tie.  Sketchfab’s feature of being able to rotate the image 360 degrees and view it from multiple angles is also a nice touch.  Going forward,i could foresee this becoming a common standard within classrooms and businesses within the next decade.