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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in January that the Syracuse Hancock International Airport will undergo a $45.1 million renovation over the next two years. This is not the first renovation the Syracuse airport has received lately, getting funding back in 2012 as well. This renovation has already been configured in Ne York state’s budget for 2017/2018 fiscal year.  Below is a breakdown of where the money will come from.

Syracuse Airport Renovation Costs by Agency
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Some of the renovations includes a new facade, flooring and furniture improvements in the terminals, a glass bridge for passengers, a regional aviation history museum, plus an eco-friendly roof near the front entrance.These upgrades are meant to make the airport more appealing to passengers. Plane traffic has gone up at Syracuse airport in last 5 years, along with passenger traffic.   Syracuse served nearly 1 million people, who passed through the airport in 2016. Below is a look at enplanements populations at New York state airport.

LaGuardia airport in New York City announced last summer that it will undergo a $5.3 billion renovation. That announcement was meant with displeasure from many. Some thought the funding should be going to revamp Union Station in downtown NYC.  The cost and amount of labor for each airport plan is drastically different. Enplanement stats and years until completion are also provided.

With the airport set to garner this renovation, there are questions about other places and buildings that may need renovations in the future.  Buildings from the Carrier Dome to Interstate-81 are all infrastructure in Syracuse that soon may be renovated and upgraded as well.The mayor’s office and Syracuse city council board has been mute on how the costs would be acquired. Many speculate government fiscal aid would be needed.  The graph below outlines the estimated costs for Syracuse infrastructure plans.

Syracuse Renovation Project Estimated Costs
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