Jenkins – Field Test

For my field test, I expanded my Photography ChatBot. The Bot’s purpose is to help new photographers learn about some of the most famous photographers and photography terms, provide resources for further learning, and provide links to photography news websites.

The Photo Bot is available here:

The Photo Bot was created using ChatFuel, a free service that pairs with Facebook pages to allow users to create easy-to-use chatbots.

“AI Rules” allow you to set keywords or phrases.

When the bot picks up on a keyword it sends back either plain text, or a Block.

A block is a series of commands or Plug-Ins that runs and allows things such as user input, text fields, and videos. The Learning Resources block displays a small introductory text followed by a list of links to different resources, triggered by the words “Resources”, “Learn”, “Learning”, “Education” and “Information” or any combination of those words.


I think the Photo Bot serves it’s function on a simple level. There are countless photographers that the Photo Bot could list off, as well as endless resources on the internet and in print for photography information. I think the next steps would be to code an equivalent exposure calculator, for an on-the-go resource.