Lynda Requirement – Claire Alex

Early on in the course, I watched the Lynda tutorial on working with basic HTML. This tutorial was very helpful because it gave me my first insight into what it was like to work with HTML code. Before taking this class I did not have any experience with coding. This is why I chose this tutorial. I was a little overwhelmed with the first assignments that incorporated coding so I needed some extra help.

The tutorial helped me be more comfortable altering code. It taught me how to look at a HTML and read it so that it made sense and was not just a bunch of foreign characters. The tutorial showed me how easy it was to alter very specific things on web sites by finding where it was placed in the code. For instance, I was able to see how you might change the text of the heading as well as the color of the font from within the code.

The most important thing I learned for the tutorial is to save often and refresh to make sure that you are making the changes you want to make, while making few mistakes. The tutorial helped me realize that one wrong character of deletion can effect all of the code. This was a valuable lesson that I kept in mind as the assignments for this class got a little more complex.

I will definitely use Lynda again in the future. It was very helpful.