NTNM Schedule


Schedule is subject to change. Significant changes will be announced in class.

WEEK 1 – Welcome, and “Making”

April 4 Class: Welcome!

  • Review syllabus and expectations.
  • Go over the 5 technology categories.
  • Science Fiction, Science Fact: How technology predictions have come true and even inspired products to be built that we all now use all the time. We’ll also watch a few sections of the scifi show Black Mirror and relate it the predictions to today’s technology trends and some new types of ethical quandaries.
  • 3D, part one. How to 3D scan people and prepare them for 3D printing.

April 6 Lab: SU Makerspace visit.

Visit the SU Makerspace with John Mangicaro.

  • Assignment 1: 3D printing assignment

WEEK 2 – Virtual and Augmented Reality

April 11 Class: 360 Video and VR

Quick overview of 360 video, how to shoot and edit it (and where you can access the software in the Newhouse complex). We will shoot quick 360s together and watch them in the Oculus.

April 13 Lab: Using Unity3D to create interactive scenes, enter them in Oculus. If you have your 3D scan, you can meet yourself in virtual reality.

  • Assignment 2: Blog post about your planned field testRegister for the class blog. Add your first post about something you have noticed in science fiction that has has or is about to come true. End by saying which technology category most interests you, and how you might use it in your own field test.

WEEK 3 – Artificial Intelligence and Automation

April 18 Class: Chat Bots

  • Using Facebook Messenger bots for news and information, and creating them using Chatfuel.

April 20 Lab: Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTTT

  • We explore the growing field of Amazon “skills.”
  • Using IFTTT to automate the flow of data across the Internet of Things.
  • Assignment 3: Create a Facebook Messenger chat bot using Chatfuel.com. The topic of the bot should be something informational. This could be a topic in the news, information about an event (future or historical), a science topic, information about Newhouse or another school, etc. Anything that can be delivered by writing a list of Frequently Asked Questions is good fodder for a chat bot.

WEEK 4 – Drones

April 25 Class: All about drones.

  • Assignment 4: Blog post: how will drones impact your future career?

April 27 Lab: Drone flight. Meet in Innovation lab, walk over to Thornden Park to meet with Thom McLean of Skytop Aerials, LLC.

WEEK 5 – Sensors, Field Tests

May 4 Class: Sensor journalism.

  • Assignment 5: Sensors array concept.

May 6 Lab: Work on field tests.



Thursday, May 13: Vision Post on the future of media, due by midnight. Post to the blog. Length should be the equivalent of a five-page paper in Word, double spaced with 12 point font.


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