Product Management Course Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.

WEEK 1 – Introduction, Disruption

Tues 1/17 Class overview, expectations 

Overview of the class. Meet and greet.

Thurs 1/19 Nothing changes like the changes

Professor Pacheco’s history of creative disruption in journalism. The Innovator’s dilemma. Gartner’s Hype Cycle. Applying the Innovator’s Dilemma and Hype Cycle to a new technology.

Assignment 1: Innovator’s Dilemma and Gartner’s Hype Cycle.

WEEK 2 – Ideation

Tues 1/24 Class: New Product Ideation and User Testing

Go over your Innovator’s Dilemma examples. Fundamentals of market research. Defining the audience. Talking to the audience. Identify research needs. Using public data, web research and search sites like Keyword Spy to test assumptions and size a market opportunity. Market research and user-centered design exercise.

Thurs 1/26 Lab: User Testing

In-class prototype building. Turning prototypes into screencasts for product pitches. Continue working with your team on user testing.

Assignment 2: Prototype the information product that you decide on with your team.

WEEK 3 – Web Site Creation

Tues 1/31 Class: Web and Mobile Publishing

You will make an Expressions site in class and learn how to use the WordPress tools to customize it. 

Thurs 2/2 Lab

The basics of web publishing. DNS, FTP, web hosts that give you the most long-term flexibility, useful add-on services and widgets. How to migrate a site from Expressions to your own domain name.

Assignment 3: Finalize your Expressions site.

For extra credit: Migrate your Expressions site to your own domain name and web host.

WEEK 4 – Business

Tues 2/7 Class: Business Models, Working with Developers

Creating a content strategy for launch. Review different types of business entities, new types of business models in journalism projects, grant programs, Kickstarter and crowdfunding.

Thurs. 2/9 Lab: Product Requirements Documents

We go over how to put together product requirements documents and pitch decks that incorporate everything you’ve worked on to date. First half of book presentations.

Assignment 4: Create a business model for your idea.

WEEK 5 – Startup Knowledge

Tues 2/14 Book Presentations.

Pitch Decks

Creating a pitch deck for your idea, and pitching to investors. First half of book presentations.

Thurs 2/17 Book presentations. 

Second half of book presentations.

Assignment 5: Create a PRD for your idea.


Submit a full product plan and pitch deck for your new product idea. You have one month from the last day of class to submit your final product plan, not including spring break. That means it is due March 24. Good luck!