Samsung Gear VR – Ratick

I got the luck of draw. We were randomly assigned technologies to try and I picked the Samsung Gear VR out of a hat. The Gear VR is a headset that you use with a mobile device in order to create a virtual reality. It was released a little more than one year ago and is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy. This invention fascinated me and gave me great ideas regarding future uses. But before I get into that, let me begin the the shortcomings. Seven out of the ten people that I showed this product to would prefer clearer graphics or high definition. I had them all watch the Cirque de Soleil performance and everyone thought it was awesome, but the primary complaint was the video quality.

Everyone I sampled (including myself) thought this was a really cool device. Even if they weren’t Cirque de Soleil fans, they appreciated the 360 virtual experience. They thought it was incredible to be immersed in such technology and told me that they see this as a gadget of the future, especially for watching television and movies.

As a sports fan, I thought of one clear innovation for this technology. For me, there would be no better use than to watch a live sporting event in 3D and high definition, if Samsung were to upgrade the quality. That would be incredible, and you would feel as though you were actually at the game. I’m sure they would be able to monetize due to this, but the problem would be the leagues wanting fans to come to the games to buy tickets and pay ridiculous fees for concessions. However, if the leagues were able to get a nice chunk of cash in their pockets, this could work. There will still be people who want to go to games and see the action right there, but if you can’t make it, this would be an incredible alternative to watching a game on television.

Pixar Story:

Once upon a time, there was a boy from a single parent home who loved sports. He loved them so much that after school, he was always glued to the television until his Mom told him to go to bed. But on weekends, he wanted to go to games.

Unfortunately, his Mom was unable to afford tickets to go the game, as his favorite team was the New York Yankees, the team with arguably the most expensive seating in professional sports. He wished that there was some way he could go to the game or feel like he was at Yankee Stadium.

A few weeks later, Samsung and Major League Baseball announce a major partnership: the company and the league are gearing up to live broadcast every game in the league via a new app that features the game in 3D for Samsung Galaxy customers to use on the Gear VR. With this innovation, fans can watch the game on their coach and feel like they are actually at the stadium, with a 360, HD view.

Now, the boy has the opportunity to have the chance to feel like he is actually at the game. He begs his Mom to get a new phone and a Gear VR, but she says that there are more important things in life, to which he runs away and cries.

The day is May 15th, and the boy turns 10 years old. He enters the living room and finds wrapped presents. His mother and older siblings wish him a Happy Birthday and tell him to open up the first box. Inside, a Samsung Galaxy. He thanks them for the phone. They tell him there is another box. He opens it and finds a Gear VR and screams in excitement. His dream has come true: he’ll finally be able to experience a Yankee game at the stadium, at least virtually. What he doesn’t know is that his mother and siblings had been saving up for this occasion.

Now, the boy continues to watch every Yankee game, except in a bit more of an intimate fashion.

(I am handwriting a prototype and giving it to you before class on Tuesday)