The Future of the Cellphone and Wearable Devices – Field Test Rasheeda Davis

Technology is simplifying  the way we approach creating media content.  The various technologies we experimented with over the past five weeks are innovative and have reshaped my perspective of how we will communicate in future. In the near future, I envision the work environment being filled with devices similar devices we’ve used. Especially devices, like the Google Hololens, that merge reality and virtual reality.

As an inspiring public relations practitioner, the main section of this course that I envisioned being implemented into my profession is the Apple Watch. I envision in twenty years, the cellphone will be replaced by watches similar to the Apple Watch. I decided to test the practicality of using the Apple Watch for a day instead of using a cellphone. I decided to test it out and have a friend of mine test it out as well. I decided to devote 5 hours to only using the Apple Watch instead of my phone.


Apple Watch

I phone 6


I believe that I will be able to comfortably read my text messages and check emails. I will able to keep stats of my workout and effectively communicate with others faster.


Overall, I did not enjoy using the Apple Watch instead of my cellphone. The screen is significantly smaller than the screen of a cellphone which made it harder for me to read text because I have poor vision. One thing, I did enjoy was having quick access to my text messages and being able easily view my workout stats. It was difficult responding to my emails. I am completely aware the watch was not designed to replace the cellphone but I envision in a few years newer models will. I included a testimonial video of my friends experience. His experience was very similar to mine. Through this experience, I have realized that the wearable devices have a while to go before being implemented into everyday use.


Based upon this experience, I would not currently replace my I Phone  with the Apple Watch. I was inspired by the movie Spy Kids. I remember the characters in the film had watches that allowed them to talk, look up information, and video chat. At that time, that seemed unrealistic to me. I believe within the next 15 years this will be possible and watches will replace cellphones.